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Example #47b - How Many Complex Models can the Altus Mapping Engine Handle?

How many complex models can the Altus Mapping Engine handle? In this case, we are using a spider model containing thousands of polygons each. Performance depends on the hardware that is running the code. If you have a i7 machine with a beefy graphics card, the number will be much greater than if you are running on a cheap laptop. Many Altus clients are working on high-end mapping applications, and therefore choose to use high-end hardware to maximize the performance.

In this example, the code creates 25 spiders by default. Try panning, shift-panning and zooming to see how Altus performs. If you look at the code in the add3DModels function, you can change the X and Y loops to increase or decrease the number of models created. Remember that the main constraint is the power of the CPU and graphics card you use to run Altus.

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