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AltusUnified Namespace
Public classAltusMath
Public classAnimatedCircle
Public classAnimationManager
Manages animations.
Public classAtmospherics
Controls the atmospheric and lighting systems
Public classBinaryBlob
Represents binary data of some given size.
Public classBoundingBox
Public classBoundingRange
Public classCamera
A virtual camera that controls how the map is viewed.
Public classClassicCameraModifier
Modifies camera behavior so it behaves like the original Altus 1.0 iOS camera.
Public classClassicGestureReceiver
Public classClassicInputHandler
Public classClusteredMarkerMap
Represents a Map
Public classColor
Represents a color.
Public classColorBar
Public classDiagnostics
Public classDynamicExtrudedPolygon
Represents a dynamic 2D polygon, extruded into 3D using a min and max altitude.
Public classDynamicLine
Represents a 2D dynamic line.
Public classDynamicLine3D
Represents a 3D dynamic line.
Public classDynamicMarker
Conveys information about a marker that will have its attributes updated frequently.
Public classDynamicMarkerMap
Represents a Map
Public classDynamicPolygon
Represents a dynamic 2D polygon.
Public classDynamicPolygon3D
Represents a dynamic 3D polygon.
Public classDynamicShape
Represents a dynamic shape.
Public classDynamicVectorMap
Represents a map of dynamic vector data.
Public classDynamicVectorMarkerMap
Represents a map of vector markers.
Public classExtrudedPolygon
Public classFramerate
Controls the rendering framerate. Use this to turn on "Green Mode", which renders less frequently and reduced performance requirements and power consumption.
Public classFrameRenderer
Public classFreeAxisInputHandler
Public classGeoBoundingBox
Public classGeographicPosition
Public classGeographicPosition2D
Represents a two dimensional location using latitude and longitude.
Public classGeometryGroup
Public classGestureInputHandler
Public classHitTesting
Controls Scene-wide hit testing.
Public classIExtendibleGestureReceiver
Public classIExtendibleLongPressDelegate
Public classIExtendibleMapSamplerDelegate
Public classIExtendibleMarkerMapDelegate
Public classIExtendibleModelMapDelegate
Public classIExtendibleRawInputHandler
Public classIExtendibleSceneDelegate
Public classIExtendibleTileProvider
Public classIExtendibleVectorMapDelegate
Public classIGestureReceiver
Public classILongPressDelegate
Public classImage
Public classIMapSamplerDelegate
Public classIMarkerMapDelegate
Public classIModelMapDelegate
Public classInputEventManager
Public classInstancedModel
Public classInternetTileProvider
Public classIResourceManager
Public classISceneDelegate
Public classITileLoader
Public classITileProvider
Public classITimerListener
Public classIVectorMapDelegate
Public classLineSegmentHit
Represents a "hit" or "tap" or "click" on a vector line.
Public classLineStyle
Expresses style for a line.
Public classListGestureReceiver
Public classListInputHandler
Public classLoadingInstructions
Public classLongPressGestureReceiver
Public classLongPressInputHandler
Public classMap
Represents a Map
Public classMapDesc
Public classMapSampler
Public classMapSamplerDesc
Public classMapSamplerExtrudedVectorData
Public classMapSamplerMarkerResourceData
Public classMapSamplerPointWithPercentage
Public classMapView
Public classMarker
Public classMarkerData
Public classMarkerHit
Information about a marker the user has tapped or clicked on.
Public classMarkerImageInfo
Public classMarkerMap
Represents a Map
Public classMarkerResource
Public classMesh
Public classModel
Public classModelHit
Public classModelMap
Represents a Map
Public classModelVertex
Public classMultiGestureEvent
Public classOrientation
Public classPackageMap
Represents a Map
Public classPackageTerrainMap
Represents a Map
Public classPointSet
Public classPointSet3d
Public classPolar
Public classPolygon
Public classPolygonHit
Represents hit detection on a polygon.
Public classPolygonStyle
Expresses style for a polygon.
Public classquatd
Public classRawInputHandler
Public classScene
The main rendering component and container of other objects.
Public classScreen
Represents the screen or window Altus renders to.
Public classScreenSpacePercentagePoint
Public classSphere
Public classTexture
Public classTileId
Public classTileResult
Public classTimer
Public classTimeStamp
Public classTransform
Public classTriangleSet3d
Public classUint64_LowHigh
Public classvec2d
Public classvec2f
Public classvec2i
Public classvec3d
Public classvec3f
Public classvec4d
Public classvec4f
Public classVectorGeometryHit
Represents a "hit" or "click" or "tap" on a 2D line or polygon.
Public classVectorMap
Represents a map of vector data.
Public classVectorMapBase
Represents a map of vector data.
Public classVertexHit
Represents a "hit" or "click" or "tap" on a 2D line or polygon.
Public classVirtualMap
Represents a Map
Public classWeatherGridMap
Represents a Map
Public enumerationAtmosphericsLightingType
Public enumerationAtmosphericsLocationType
Public enumerationBooleanState
Public enumerationButtonstate
Public enumerationEventType
Public enumerationFramerateRateType
Public enumerationFreeAxisInputHandlerRotationType
Public enumerationGestureInputHandlerInputSource
Public enumerationGestureInputHandlerMultitouchState
Public enumerationImageFormat
Describes the pixel format of an image.
Public enumerationIResourceManagerPriority
Public enumerationISceneDelegateRenderEventFlags
Public enumerationKeycode
Public enumerationKeymod
Public enumerationLongPressGestureReceiverLongPressState
Public enumerationMapDescContentType
Public enumerationMapDescMapFormat
Public enumerationMapDescMarkerImageLoadingStrategy
Public enumerationMapDescStorageType
Public enumerationMapDescStreamType
Public enumerationMapDescTargetImageFormat
Public enumerationMapDescVectorWindingOrder
Public enumerationMapSamplerStatus
Public enumerationMapType
Conveys a map type.
Public enumerationMarkerRotationType
Public enumerationScancode
Public enumerationShapeType
Public enumerationTextureMagFilter
Public enumerationTileIdNeighbor
Public enumerationTileIdTreeRegion
Public enumerationTileProviderResponse
Public enumerationVectorGeometryHitType