Altus Platform v2.0.ut.2084.g47ffcd3

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Altus Platform is a licensed software product. The Altus Mapping Engine rendering system will work on all platforms and be fully functional, but will display a watermark unless you register a license key. The Altus Server components require a license key to function. The Altus Platform makes us of certain third party libraries.

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Release Notes

Changes since the last build (v2.0.ut.2009.g308a239) include:

Altus Core

  • Improvements in Polygon Hit Testing
  • Move InitOpenGL to RenderObjectLifetimeManager.h
  • Move the SetCurrentContextIndexAndPerformCachedDelets to MapView.
  • Cache OpenGL deletes and process them during the render pass.
  • Stop exposing MapSampler in Javascript and Android.
  • Fix bug in Transform::Removechild.
  • Wrap Core.ProfileViewDesc with MapSamplerDesc.
  • Use InstancedModel for function inputs and Model for function outputs.
  • Update frustum models instead of adding/removing them so the order doesn't change.
  • Use std::vector::reserve when dividing a BoundingBox.
  • Create more complicated frustum geometry and expose render states for model maps so we can draw frustums in fancy ways, such as emissive light sources and hiding internal geometry of translucent models.
  • Add a preview for rendering models to a depth map and creating a frustum from the depth map.
  • Fix vector reserve size miscalculation in ProfileView.


  • Add ModelVertex::Update to try and make the C# demo more efficient.
  • Use properties in C# for object model function accessors.
  • Get ISceneDelegate working in C#.
  • Create wrapper for ProfileView, rename ProfileView to MapSampler, expose MapSampler to C#